Something on my Desk

Just recently Watchmen came out on DVD. Of course it was immediately purchased and watched in my apartment. As far as comic book adaptations go, this one was superb. When I read the graphic novel, I was mildly entertained, philosophically provoked, and very curious as to how they would make this into a movie.

For today’s something on my desk, I choose the Nite Owl (Modern) figure. Nite Owl is by far my favorite character in Watchmen. The characters are deep and flawed, but the irony is they are all the same. Rorschach, who will kill in the line of his work, even those who are not “evil” (like the guy he dropped down an elevator shaft). Veidt, who realizes that one on one he has no hope of making a true difference and must commit terrible acts of terrorism to achieve his ends, regardless of the cost to humanity or himself. They have the same goal, the same methods for achieving their goals, but the scale of which they do it varies. But throughout the entire movie one character carries the flag of hope and valience. Nite Owl still believes, even now that they can make a difference, not by destroying the world, but by working within it and doing their part to move it forward. He clings to the old thought and school of Hero. In the face of it all, he remains as he has always been, a man who wants to be a hero.

Who watches the Watchmen? Hopefully the one who believes in humanity and holds the flag of hope and goodness.

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