Legends of Zork

I mentioned it in my first post, but today I would like to go into more detail about Legends of Zork. LoZ is a browser based casual massively multiply game. It is similar to Kingdom of Loathing.

In LoZ you step into the role of an employee recently laid off and now turned to adventuring to make money. Were you a glove salesmen? Goggles? Swords? Which ever you choose changes the items you begin with and gives you some small bonus to exploring.

The game is steeped in the lore and flavor of the many Zork games. From the locations (the White House, Dark Forest, Port Foozle, GUE Tech…) to the weapons (Frostham Bearded Axe, Pen Knife, Elvish Sword…) you find connections to all the old games. Launched on April Fools day, this game tries very hard to take everything with the humor and insanity of Zork. While it is not a traditional Zork game, with no winding passages and lanterns to keep track of, it is a delightfully enjoyable game that brings the quirky humor back into browser based games.

The game is not perfect. It has UI issues, severely broken pvp, and some balance issues that would capsize a aircraft carrier. But in the end, the developers seem to be listening to the community for the large part and trying to make their game better.

If you want to read further thoughts and information on LoZ head to the official LoZ forums or the Worn Jorunal, my blog as the leader of one of the largest Clans in LoZ, The Old Guard.

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