How to Make Gold – Hard Core

I feel a bit phony even trying to write this post. I have never by any measure tried to do any of these suggestions. These are “too much work” for me. Me. With the 9 garrisons. BUT I have it on good authority, these are ways to make multi-millions. So here’s the idea of what to do, it’s up to you to figure out the path and specifics.

TSM – Sniper:

TSM has a module called sniper. This allows you to find items that are very under valued on the auction house, buy them, and re-list them. It’s also called flipping. For me this was never a very viable thing because it requires investing money. Just like flipping a house, it’s a risky bet, and you have to be willing to lose the money you invest.

This also includes buying things like pets, leveling them to 25 and reselling them. Or buying the cards to make a Darkmoon trinket.

Cornering a Market:

Generally with something like glyphs, Darkmoon Cards, certain transmog items, certain pets, etc, people will corner a market. If the items in question are generally rare, difficult to farm, and low count, it’s possible to control a majority of the stock for that market on your realm.

This is time consuming, expensive, and requires being a bit awful about it. Only once have I ever had a market cornered and that was in Cataclysm with Mysterious Fortune Cards. I have written about it before, but essentially, I was the only person listing these cards, so I controlled the price. To do this though, I had to control the flow of whiptail – either by buying it from the farmers or farming it myself, then control the number of cards on the AH. Every time someone tried to enter the market, I had to undercut them obsessively and immediately. I froze out several players and generally had to battle another. Finally I managed to win by contacting his farmers and buying the whiptail slightly higher than he was willing to pay so that he could not get materials. He ran out of mats, right as I flooded the market with my product driving the price so low he couldn’t make enough gold to buy mats to make more cards. Think about that for a minute. I actively trapped this guy with thousands of gold worth of stock and mats, then intentionally made it worthless just so he would stop competing with me. He gave in, and offered to sell me ALL of his stock at half price (half the price before I flooded the market). I took it, cleared the AH, and then re-listed at 50% more than the previous high price point. After this I controlled the market for over 2 months without a single other seller.

Ultra Rare Items: TCG Mounts and Pets, profession kits, etc.

These are items that are super rare and always sell very well. I know people who deal in these. Mostly because I have purchased from them. However, I find this to be a risky business because while there is little to no competition, there are also very few buyers. I listed a TCG Rocket on the auction house and it took 6 months to sell.


It’s also always worth checking out what other people do. Like Elvine. There are tons of little blogs (like mine!) that track and figure out different methods of making gold. Good luck!

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