Horde –> Alliance

For the HORDE!

Such was the battle cry of many a character of mine on the WoW server Uther. When I began my WoW addiction, I started as Alliance and at a later date was convinced to re-roll Horde. I was reluctant, but eventually convinced.

After 18 months on Uther I had almost reached the point I had previously earned on my Alliance server. A 60+ of every class, tons of achievements and special items, and so on. At which point someone asked me to come play on their Alliance server. /facepalm.

I resisted. But the promise of a regular 5 man group made up of real life friends was too much for me. Luckily for me, Blizzard saw fit to add the ability to pay for a Faction change to their game. I could pony up $30 and have my level 80 Horde toon become a level 80 Alliance toon. So I did. (I also paid the $25 for a server transfer, but that service is relatively straightforward.)

I turned my level 80 Blood Elf Death Knight into a Night Elf Death Knight. When Pandara woke from her shocking transformation she found herself in Darnassus, quite a long distance from the dun streets of Orgrimmar. Her mounts had changed, her progress with the Argent Tournament gone. Several of her weapons and armor had new names, the old useless links cluttering her action bars.

Most importantly her hearthstone had been re-bound to Darnassus. A situation that needed immediate attention. So I started to run out of the city and immediately thought, Wait. I don’t know where the Zeppelin is to get to Northrend. So I asked my friend.
“Zeppelin? What?”
“The flying airship thing I take to Northrend.”
“Oh. You mean the boat. In Stormwind.”
So I, having not played Alliance since a few months after BC, immediately flew to Auberdine in Darkshore and went down the left hand part of the Dock, intending to get on the boat to Menethil and then fly to Stormwind. Imagine my shock when the boat took me directly to Stormwind. Apparently they realized poor little Night Elves had quite the run to Ironforge.

After a boat ride and a few flights, I land in Dalaran. I immediately run to down to the right headed towards the inn. Suddenly I am stunned, hear a teleport noise and find myself outside the entrance to the part of the city with the Inn, BG portals, and Badge Vendors.

Oh, right, that’s the *Horde* side. I can’t go in there anymore. It then takes me 10 minutes to find the Alliance innkeeper.

Even now, two weeks later, I forget, and run into Horde cities, the Horde side of Dalaran, and try to take flights to Horde places.

For the Ho… Alliance. 🙂

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