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No, I spelled that right.

Sorry, once more we are getting into a profanity fueled rant. But COME ON. Who is running this thing at Blizzard? Did we lose design leads and not know it? Is someone sneaking mind altering drugs in the water coolers?

I want to start by saying – I have 6 max level garrisons. I have 6 more not max level. 4 of my max level garrisons have ALL max ilvl followers. I love followers. I love missions. I love logging in 3 times a day (before breakfast, at lunch, and before bed) to cycle through my stable of alts to accept and resend followers on missions.

I get WHY some people don’t like garrisons and garrison missions. I do. It is very chore-like. It does require an addon in the worst way. (Once more, thank you Master Plan.) It does feel increasingly like the only thing to do in WoW. (So not true, but I get that people feel that way.)

But I am not one of those people. So the Shipyard, it should just be an extension of that same feeling though right? Right? Not even a little bit. I hate them. I am DONE with them. I already told my guild if they require I have the ring or get gear from the chests – give up. I am not doing it.

First off, level design. The shipyard isn’t even in the same phase as your garrison. You have to LEAVE your garrison to get to it, and it unphases you, then rephases you. It takes approximately 40 seconds to run from the garrison mission table outside, mount, then ride down to the ship one. The path makes sense for reality, but this isn’t reality. Level design is the art of making things flow and this feels like a backed up toilet. Cut a back door in the main building, and run a path down to the docks. BOOM. Best part – that space on the map – not even being used. It clears out the SUPER wonky jammed in path from the front that feels so weird by the Menagerie. Yeah, it will only cut off at best 20 seconds, but that’s enough time it makes me less likely to mount or hearth to get around it.

Ship Limit. I am frustrated by the 20 follower limit. Everyone except for my main, who NEEDS the stables, has the barracks because of this. And even 25 is too low. I want 100 followers. So what about ships? Oh we only get 6. It’s like they took the most frustrating thing about missions and made it worse.

Ship types. This is so confusing and clunky. I get it’s mirroring the classes on followers, but the thing is, we have WAY more of those. We also get it as players. A tank tanks things. Dps kills lots of little minions. It spoke in a language we as players were familiar with. I do not get ship types at all. I haven’t checked WoWHead, so I have just been building even numbers.

Ship destruction. So here’s the worst part. If a mission fails, there is a chance the ship will be destroyed. Yep. That ship that cost oil and garrison resources will just boom, with nothing to show for it. Not only did you fail the mission, but now you are FURTHER behind because you lost that ship you had been leveling. You can make them unsinkable – at the cost of a counter, so you effectively GIMP your ship to make sure you don’t lose it. Oh and it’s not just one ship. You can lose both ships if it’s a 2 ship mission. As for the chances of this occurring, I have no idea. But I have had 2 90%+ success chance missions fail and lost BOTH. SHIPS. I haven’t even gotten to the 15 missions yet to upgrade my yard.

Shipyard parts. Because inventory space is not ENOUGH of a premium, let’s throw more stuff in their bags. I feel like I should tattoo this on every designer at Blizzard – IF YOU CAN KEEP IT OUT OF THE BAGS – DO IT. There should be a review process that makes it so a council of 25 devs and 25 players all approve something taking up a bag slot. If they can’t agree that it’s worth it – BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. Oh and the parts? Yeah, hope you like raiding and doing all the stuff in Tanaan, because that’s the only way to get the blueprints for those.

Forced failure. Are you kidding me with this Blizzard? I learned this my SECOND MONTH at the Guildhall. Do not teach the player by FORCING them to fail. Just don’t. It feels like crap. AND it just teaches the player that the game is willing to CHEAT to make a point. Even better – the mission required to complete the legendary? With 3 epic ships perfectly decked out – you can get to 91% success. Those are some awfully nice epic ships you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to them.

Run out of oil. Where do you get oil when you run out? I haven’t figured it out. I spent 4 days doing no missions because I had no oil and my garrison missions weren’t offering me any.

Blockades. A friend of mine spent a week trying to level up his ships to do the Hellfire Citadel mission. The morning he was ready, he woke up to a blockade preventing him from doing it. That he didn’t have the appropriate counters for. Because he had refitted his ships for the HFC mission. What.Kind.of.SICK.GAME.IS.THIS.

Shipyards are one big black feel bad for WoD. It’s like they threw out everything they learned from garrisons and put a new designer in charge. Did they decide WoD was a lost cause and move everyone to the new expac without cleaning/tuning/polishing up what was being finished?

Oh god… that’s what they did isn’t it?