A Beginning

Recently through a series of strange events I became the leader of the largest Clan in Legends of Zork. Part of being the leader of this Clan, The Old Guard, included dealing with online communication between 400+ users, all across the world. This lead to the creation of a forums and blog.

Blogs have always fascinated me. An entire ocean of tiny soapboxes where people can stand up and say anything to the world at large. An entire world of voices straining to be heard amongst the din created by so many of these voices. I always wanted to write a blog, but assumed the effort was worthless. After all, who wants to hear what I have to say?

With the LoZ blog suddenly I had people listening to things I had to say, for no other reason than I had the ability to say them. So why not here? My website was an antique left over from my attempts to find a job in the video game industry. Might as well put it to some use. So I hearby dub my soapbox The Blank Pages and begin my foray into this odd form of public journalism.

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